Create something today. Even if it sucks.

One of my favorite quotes or sayings is “Create something today.  Even if it sucks.”  Not sure where I first saw it or even who it’s attributed to, but I love the clarity and direct nature of the communication.

Recently I listened to Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson. Da Vinci was a person who exemplified the statement. In my opinion he drove The Renaissance with the volume and breadth of material he created.

In my role as a teacher I stress the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication). I feel strongly that these four soft skills are essential to future success regardless of what career path a person takes.

Of the four, creativity is the most elusive for me on a personal level. It is also something which I look for ways to attempt to develop in my students.

While creativity is technically different from creation, they are linked. To create, for me, is the essence of creativity and possibly the most difficult thing for a majority of my balls of clay to do.

Why is it so difficult to create? I think it’s because we all fear sucking! Simple enough. And as simple as this problem is, my solution matches its simplicity.

So, later today, when you are sweating bullets over the looming deadline and your inability to be creative…

Create something today. Even if it sucks.